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NO.9 secret
hoon yun hung
2012/11/23 오후 08:33:06

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2012/11/23 오후 08:31:11
Congratulation for the opening of this site! Thanks for the awesome pics, and fighting!! ^^
  • 아린
    2013/09/08 오전 01:50:20

Andrea Nguyen
2012/11/23 오후 08:30:50
Wow FINALLY!!! Welcome and THANK YOU COMPLETEBLISS!!! <3 Congratulations on your opening!!!
I'm so happy to become one of the first members of the site ^-^
Let's enjoy the awesome work by completebliss everyone
Well done you guys. Will always support! ^-^
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    2013/09/08 오전 01:50:27

NO.6 secret
2012/11/23 오후 08:30:09

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2012/11/23 오후 08:29:14
Congrats for the opening of this new site! Thanks for all the hard work. Fighting! :)
  • 아린
    2013/09/08 오전 01:50:44